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[RECAP/ EN] 稍息立正我愛你 (Attention, Love!) Ep. 1



Episode 1 Recap

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In a field, 4 students were fighting, 3 versus 1. And only 1 is left standing, Zhong Shao Xi (Joanne Tseng). In Tokyo, Yan Li Zheng (Wang Zi) was contemplating while holding onto a flight ticket to Taipei. Shao Xi from the the future comments that her first love at the age of 17 made her lonely.

One morning in Zhuang Jing High School in Taipei, the students were coming into school. One was set aside and noted by the DIscipline Master for her not wearing the school tie. Shao Xi noticed the Discipline Master and was worried because her uniform, too, was incomplete. Shao Xi retreated her steps and intended to climb over the school wall to avoid him. Shao Xi was caught red-handed by the school prefect, Jin Yu Bin or Xiao Yu (Greg Han). Xiao Yu immediately turned away and intended to pretend not to notice her, blaming the sun’s bright light affecting his eyesight. Hahaha… Xiao Yu’s surprised face is very spot on. Shao Xi immediately caught Xiao Yu to ensure that did not issue a warning. Xiao Yu begged Shao Xi, nicknamed as ‘Zhong Ke’ or ‘Big Brother Zhong’ to not make things difficult for him. If there is sitll any doubt over Shao Xi’s status at school, this nickname ends it: Shao Xi is the female Boss of Zhuang Jing High School that is feared by all.

Shao Xi exploited Xiao Yu’s fear to do 2 things. First, erasing her demerits and two, becoming her foot stool to help her climb the school wall. While she was climbing, Shao Xi was challenged by the boss of the neighboring school, Jin Pai High School, to meet at noon in a nearby park. Shao Xi originally wanted to ignore such challenge but changed her mind when her best friend, Li Ru Ping (Huang Xin Di), was threatened. Shao Xi became angry and the messanger ran in fear. Xiao Yu yelled Shao Xi’s acceptance dan prohibited the challenger from disturbing Ru Ping. Stunned, Shao Xi was silent. Xiao Yu explained, “Ru Ping can’t stand a beating, you can.” Hahaha… Xiao Yu helped Shao Xi climbed the school wall and finally, entered the school without alerting the Discipline Master.

In the school field, Shao Xi was practicing her run with her coach and Xiao Yu. It appears that Shao Xi is the star of the school’s track and field team. When she was finished, Xiao Yu hesitantly asked if she were going to the park and Shao Xi stressed her intent as she did not want Ru Ping to be bullied. Shao Xi wanted to end this dispute once and for all. Hearing this, Xiao Yu sighed in relief because as before, he was worried over Ru Ping if Shao Xi did not meet the challenge. Shao Xi’s expression when she realized that she is merely a sacrificial lamb, is very funny. Ru Ping came and asked what were they talking about. Because of loyalty, Shao Xi stopped Xiao Yu before he could divulge on the challenge and the threat. It appears that Shao Xi did not want to worry Ru Ping and intended to end this matter without Ru Ping noticing. I really like Shao Xi’s character! I hope she does not become indecisive or weepy when she falls in love (*cross fingers*).

Ru Ping continued to convince Xiao Yu to let her know what they were talking about. And not long, only by embracing his hand, Xiao Yu surrendered. The news spread throughout school that Shao Xi was fighting with Jin Pai High School’s boss. The reason was to defend Xiao Yu, her crush from Class 2! Hahaha… The student body did not seem to believe the tomboy Shao Xi liked Xiao Yu, many thought she liked girls!

After school, Shao Xi went to the meeting point. There was the Jin Pai High Boss along with her 2 sidekicks. Shao Xi asked what did they want and stressed that she came alone. Jin Pai side complained because Shao Xi had supporters from her schoolmates that were carrying support notices. Annoyed, Shao Xi silently blamed Ru Ping for her nosiness. Jin Pai side claimed that due to Shao Xi’s support, they too, can be helped. And in came an Oppa bizarrely styled that would be representing Jin Pai. Jin Pai’s female boss complained to him that Shao Xi stole her boyfriend.

Shao Xi went back to the original incident to explain what really happened. Apparently Xiao Yu was bothered by Jin Pai side because of his good looks. Xiao Yu declined to inform his both mobile number and his Facebook account. Shao Xi came to defend Xiao Yu and finally, gave a lesson to the three Jin Pai ladies. In the present time, the students supporting Shao Xi looked at Xiao Yu in disgust for his weakness and cowardise. Yeah, of course! A weak guy like this is embarassing. Shao Xi continued to refute Jin Pai’s claim because it was not Shao Xi that first looked for trouble. Shao Xi only defended herself because she was attacked by 3 girls.

Jin Pai side did not care and continued to insist that Shao Xi needed to be punished. On start the fight. Shao Xi appeared on the losing side because she was unarmed whereas the bizarre Oppa was holding a baseball bat. But not long, Shao Xi managed to subdue him and warned the three Jin Pai ladies not to cause anymore disturbance.

No one can choose their parents! In come Papa Zhong, whose styling was not any less bizarre, to pick up Shao Xi home. Hahaha… Everyone ran away from the location because thought Papa Zhong was mafia. Apparently the next scene proves that Papa Zhong sold tea! It was just that he had a special way of dressing. Shao Xi begged her father to change his appearance because it was ugly. In come Mama Zhong who fully supported her husband’s choice and saw him as very manly. Eh?! Shao Xi complained because her father looked like mafia and her mom, a kept woman. Hahaha… Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!

Shao Xi worried no one will be attracted to her because both her parents had unique way of dressing. But her father was quick to remind her that Shao Xi was engaged and could not casually befriend anyone else. Her late great grandfather already matched her to Li Zheng since she was in the womb and this was his last dying wish. Because of this engagement, since young Papa Zhong prohibited her from having male friends. Shao Xi learned a lot of self-defense skills so that she would not be bothered and therefore, was feared by the boys and idolized by the girls. Papa Zhong even met up with her middle school homeroom teacher and asked her to contact him if any boy wanted to be close to Shao Xi.

In her room, Shao Xi wondered how it felt to like and be liked by a boy. Shao Xi tried to imagine Cheng You Qing’s feeling when Li Da Ren hugged her until she became nervous and forgot to breath (from the drama In Time With You). Also why Cai Huang Zhen felt safe and protected when Hao Meng pulled her (from drama Marry Me or Not). Shao Xi wished for a love story as romantic as in the dramas.

Mama Zhong knocked on her door and interrupted Shao Xi’s daydream. She asked her to quickly change her clothes and come down to meet Li Zheng, the fiance. Mama Zhong chose a pink dress for her but Shao Xi refused to put it on and came down in her pyjamas. When he saw Li Zheng, Shao Xi was starstruck and for a while, placed his face onto the dream guy in her daydream. Papa Zhong annouced that since Li Zheng’s uncle was getting married, therefore he was moving to Taipei and would be staying together with them. Shao Xi was still stunned and Li Zheng became uncomfortable being stared at. Aware and also embarrassed because she was caught staring, Shao Xi got angry and left the living room.  

Papa Zhong, Mama Zhong, and Li Zheng continued talking and Shao Xi, that fell in love at first sight with Li Zheng, quietly peeked and gawked at him. Again caught red-handedly, Shao Xi ran to her room and started to regret not putting on the pink dress as her mother recommended.

Shao Xi went outside her room because she was hearing noises from the room next door. There, she found Mama Zhong tidying up Li Zheng’s room. Mama Zhong yelled at Shao Xi for leaving her things everywhere. Mama Zhong said this in front of Li Zheng just as he was leaving. An embarrassed Shao Xi begged her mom not to reprimand her and promised would clean up her things. Mama Zhong advised Shao Xi to be more careful with her words as Li Zheng’s parents died of a car accident and she also asked that Shao Xi introduced him to her friends as he had none here.

Li Zheng returned to the room and Mama Zhong told him to look for Shao Xi if he needed anything as she must go back to work. After Mama Zhong left them, Li Zheng opened his luggage and Shao Xi started a conversation. Li Zheng ignored her and continued to tidy up his clothes. Shao Xi introduced herself in Mandarin and Japanese (hillarious) before leaving the room but rudely, Li Zheng slammed the door only after telling her to lower her music. Shao Xi returned to her room in anger.

There is a bit of a comedic scene after this: Shao Xi was stealing a look at Li Zheng through the window but was caught by Li Zheng who came to deliver goods. Shao Xi pretended to be doing exercise but Li Zheng noticed that she was miscounting her steps. Hahaha… Very embarrassing.

Shao Xi went to the bathroom to shower but came face to face with Li Zheng who just finished. Wow. Taiwanese drama is the best for fan service! Next, Shao Xi tried to smell Li Zheng’s shampoo like a pervert. Hahaha… Very funny. Shao Xi did not end up showering and instead, went running to calm her thoughts.

The following day, Mama Zhong woke up Shao Xi. When Shao Xi was busy doing the number 2 in the bathroom, Li Zheng came and looked at Shao Xi getting ready. Why don’t you just lock the door? When she was done, Shao Xi came out and was greeted by Li Zheng who immediately closed his nose and said he would come back later. Noooooo, so awkward! Shao Xi went to her room and blamed herself for always doing her business in the morning.

At the dining table, Shao Xi met with Li Zheng who was also breakfasting. Shao Xi tried to act nonchalant and greeted him casually. Shao Xi saw that Li Zheng used 2 chopsticks and asked for its purpose. Li Zheng saw Shao Xi put her chopsticks to her mouth before getting some food. Li Zheng felt disgusted, left the table, and explained to Shao Xi, he was not comfortable eating with someone who uses chopsticks full of saliva to get food. Apparently Li Zheng is not only rude, he is also a germaphobe. His detached rudeness is annoying. Shao Xi was offended because was seen as dirty but in front of Mama Zhong, Li Zheng was very polite and even complimented her for a great breakfast.

Mama and Papa Zhong are back to liven things up with their exaggerated intimacy. An uncomfortable Shao Xi asked why her parents were dressed so well in the morning. Apparently, Mama and Papa Zhong will go to school to compete Li Zheng’s admission papers. All of the students noticed their arrival because of her parents’ unique style and Li Zheng’s handsomeness. Ru Ping had a theory that Li Zheng must be Shao Xi’s victim and came to sort out matters. Xiao Yu disagreed as according to him, Shao Xi’s victim would not be able to walk normally. Hahaha...

School principal sawa Li Zheng’s report card from his previous school and were amazed. But because Taiwan’s curriculum differed from Japan’s, the principal recommended that Li Zheng went down a grade. Shao Xi’s parents disagreed and finally managed to convince the school to give Li Zheng a placement test to properly assess his knowledge.

In Shao Xi’s class, teacher was distributing the test scores. Ru Ping got 68, Xiao Yu 96, and Shao Xi 18! I get a bit of a Itazura Na Kiss feel here. I think my parents would be livid if I get a C. Xiao Si only managed 18 and was relaxed?! Wow… Teacher issued a 20 page homework over the weekend and all the students complained. Only Shao Xi appeared nonchalant. She did not have any intention to complete it. Aware of this, teacher purposely challenged Shao Xi to finish her homework assignment.

Shao Xi came home, relaxed in the living room, and put her feet up. Mama Zhong told her off for her unladylike conduct. Again Mama and Papa Zhong were matched bizarrely as they were going to Tainan for 2 days 1 night to attend a party. Shao Xi could not believe that her parents will leave her along with Li Zheng at home. Hmmm… is this a dream come true or a nightmare?

Li Zheng came to approach Mama and Papa Zhong who were leaving. Papa Zhong adviced Li Zheng to get ready for the placement test and asked Shao Xi to help Li Zheng. Shao Xi honestly asked there was no use for that as her last 3 tests only equated to 100. Mama Zhong yelled at her as it was not something to be proud of. Mama and Papa Zhong left after leaving some monies for dinner and breakfast. Li Zheng underestimated Shao Xi that only achieved 100 after 3 tests and as usual, ordered her to bring to him past exercise books. Shao Xi call on his rudeness and only then did he speak more politely. You go girl! Don’t let anyone bully you. Girl power!!!

Li Zheng saw how clean Shao Xi’s books were and asked if she ever studied. Li Zheng felt that the problems were not difficult and in disbelief, Shao Xi asked him to solve a question with 5 stars. Li Zheng completed it quickly and Shao Xi moved to solve it too to see whether Li Zheng had it right. After 1 hour, Shao Xi still had not managed to solve it. Li Zheng came to approach her and told that the answer key was on the back page. Hahaha...

Discoverint that Li Zheng’s answer was spot on, Shao Xi willingly recognized his intelligence. I really like Shao Xi’s straightforward and uncomplicated nature. But while she was grumbling over Li Zheng’s higher-than-thou attitude, Shao Xi thought of an idea. Shao Xi challenged Li Zheng to finish 20 pages of assignement because she thought 1 correct answer did not prove anything. Hahaha… Shao Xi manipulated Li Zheng to finish her homework for her.

Shao Xi did not believe that Li Zheng could complete the homework so quickly and accurately so as a thank you, Shao Xi cooked dinner for him. She served instant ramen! Hahaha… Li Zheng was not interested but after a few persuasion, he sat down to enjoy it. The secret ingredient? Shao Xi added pudding to it. Hmmm… I wonder how that would taste?!

Shao Xi fell asleep in the living room while watching TV. She woke up and realized that Li Zheng had blanketed her last night. Shao Xi was touched over his care. Shao Xi pretended to sleep again when she heard Li Zheng leaving the house. On TV, the anchor announced that a suspicious character was walking around inspecting. Shao Xi realized that the suspicious character was Li Zheng. So she went to find and follow him. Shao Xi saw Li Zheng trespassed and enter a house like a thief.

Li Zheng was snooping the house and it seemed as if this was his old family home. Li Zheng recalled the fatal car accident that killed his parents and while staring at his family picture, he became sad and asked to the young Li Zheng in the picture why he was smiling brightly. Li Zheng took the camera that was on the table and put it inside his bag (klepto much?!) This episode ends when Li Zheng noticed that Shao Xi were following him. It is a little weird to understand why this house is still in great condition and all the goods like family photo and vinyl records were in its original spot. There is a little mystery here in this last episode.

Such a cute opening! I really enjoy the light and comfortable feel of this premier episode. There are obvious angsty and lonely moments in the days ahead from Shao Xi’s opening monologue. It makes me question where this show is going to take us. I hope the angsts are not too dark. There were few happy comedic moments. The Zhong couple is responsible for most of them. Their style is bizarre but viewed cannot ridicule them because they love and care for Xiao Si and Li Zheng. We cannot choose our parents but if they are Mama and Papa Zhong, I think I would not complain. Well, at least not too much. Hahaha...
The series’ speed is reasonable. Not too fast, there are still some filler episodes that do not push the plot along but again, not too slow. This drama is getting nice reviews online so I sincerely hope the production team will not intentionally drag the story just because they can. I have never watched Ti Amo Chocolate so I have never seen this pairing but from what I see thus far, they match well. Their chemistry is clear and I hope as the story progresses, it will sizzle.

Joanne Tseng tackled Shao Xi so awesomely. She is determined, honest, and loyal even if she is weak academically. She does not do well at school so she concentrated on sports, becoming the start of her track and field school team and are on her way to win medals. I hope Shao Xi stay positive and do not become indecisive or weepy. Come on production team, give us a strong female character!
I am saddened when I watched Li Zheng going through his home in the last scene. When he stared at his family picture and yelled at his young self for brightly smiling to the camera, ooohhhh! So sad! Makes me question what type of uncle would let his orphaned nephew be a pessimistic loner who seals his heart. Possibly an uncle, heartless enough to send his only nephew abroad to live with strangers when he is about to get married. Hmmm...

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